If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Monday, November 30, 2015

Brrrr Getting Cold Here!

Gift Card Holder 

Ok we have been enjoying an absolutely beautiful fall and then it ended.  I know it was time but it sure was sad to see snow on the pumpkins.  It is December and I do love snow to go with all the holiday decorations and lights!  This year I may even get my tree up before the middle of December!  This past few weeks have been busy and I have been creating like crazy-don't even ask what the kitchen table looks like, especially with the project I have been working on...I love u tube, I will admit right now you can find anything on there and learn how to do all kinds of things.  Well I saw a u tube on this  Fuse tool that Jennifer McGuire was using to make a gift card shaker holder-OK went crazy and found the tool and other items needed on Amazon of course and had the hot little item in my hot little hands very quickly.  I had so much fun but I wanted more of a tag vs just the square so I pulled out all my dies and picked out some that would work.  Started cutting dies and shopped the holiday aisles at Hobby Lobby-oh my.  Just a warning if you start down this road you and everything else will be covered with glitter and fun little sequins and beads ( have your vacuum ready) so here is what I came up with-

 Are these not so CUTE?!  Ok maybe I am biased-but there is so many things that you can put in!  I am making a ton of these for a local craft show that I am going to be in this month.  I am going to be posting some new things that I have created in the next couple of days!  It is so addicting and the more you make the more creative you get!


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Holiday Craft Show Goodies

Wow I think that I am the worst blogger (can I even call myself a blogger?) It is fall again, one of my very favorite time of the year-mostly for the pumpkin everything!  We have been enjoying wonderfully unseasonable weather of the nearly 90, yes 90 degrees in October-kinda puts a damper on my desire to have hot cocoa.  But you know Colorado weather one day a sunburn the next snow...

I have been working on my Etsy Stores, Whimsical Cotton and Requires Postage.  And I am so excited to be working on 2 holiday craft shows-so I wanted to show some of the fun things I have been creating.  I thought this year I would make some quick and easy gift giving items.  The holidays never get any calmer and I figured that I could make some quick gifts to stock pile for that time coming very quickly, I won't say the days-it makes me stress out!!!

So these cocoa cups I thought turned out so cute-can you tell I love snowmen?  Just wait I think you will get that soon enough!  I think they would be a great gift with a gift card?!

So this was the next super fun ah, snowman (are you seeing the theme here?) I thought he could be used as an ornament or giant tag and do double duty as a gift card holder.  I mean I needed to face the fact that people love to give gift cards ( I admit sometimes it is just easier) so why not be really cute too?  And going along with the hot cocoa or favorite beverage idea I made some mug rugs/coasters-I used holiday fabrics and made Snowmen, Gingerbread men, Apples, Chickens, and even a few pet ones, Tea Pot, Tea Cups and Coffee Cups. To me they were so quick to whip up and I packaged them for sale with a gift card holder.  I love the packaging so they also include a cute label.  I am going to decorate my table using whimsical rustic things-like wire baskets, old loaf pans and a frame with chicken wire-so that I can clip samples on it.  Trying to put everything into a small space and still have it be cute can be difficult-this year I started early to play around with display options!  More things coming..,tiny felt ornaments and table mats...
Went to the Pumpkin patch on Saturday me and my fellow 6,000 neighbors-OK probably not that many but it certainly felt like it.  It was downright hot-but it was even more inspiring for me to get going and get making, pumpkin bread, donuts, french toast-