If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome Fall

It it beginning to feel like fall in the air-we even have started to see leaves changing.  I can't say I am sorry, the Summer raced by as usual.  I loved that this year just wasn't as hot as it can sometimes be.  Really nice weather hardly in the 90's.  I don't like to be hot let alone humid.  After this Summer's snow in June in Park City I think I was even more excited for pumpkins and falling leaves.  This year we have seen a lot of spiders and one really creeepy snake in the bushes.  My two least favorite critters...moving on.  I have been making fall themed cards and started on Christmas-this year I am going to send some out instead of just wistfully look at the pile of beautiful patterned paper and fun stamps!!  Plus I have been super motivated by an organizing class on line and as I have been studying my space/studio I have been trying to concentrate on how I work-which mostly is just a mess, I have everything out where I can see it and go thorough things.  And it has been fascinating to me to read about others and how they organized their rooms etc.  I basically know that I am a digger sort of organizer.  I like baskets that I can quickly put things in and retrieve things from-but I am also a person who organizes by theme and color.  Some people had studios to die for all matching furniture and great organizational items. I am far from there-but I am working on using what I have until I can have my fantasy craft area-which includes of course the fantasy elf who puts all the paper away at the end of every session...it is fantasy after all.  I love to have great coordinating paper to work with and enjoy searching through the stacks at my local scrapbook store for fun treasures.  Part of my goal has been to use up my paper and I have done pretty good- I am now down to the last stragglers who don't match with anything-remember the days when companies were trying to out do themselves in the colors that didn't match with anything but there own line?  I have a few of those floating around.  I think we should have a challenge, like the horrible Christmas sweater challenge only with the worst paper we have that we can't seem to match with anything challenge?  I bet we could see some really special cards made up!  I have decided that some of that paper is destined to be donated to schools who don't care what it looks like, they are just happy to have it! 

I got way off track there I wanted to say that I have been inspired by going through all my patterned paper and organizing it-I found some old favorites and some new favorites and have been even inspired to create-I still really like coming home with some new supplies and putting them away and imagining all the fun I am going to have creating with them!  I just got a new die from Die-Namics
from My Favorite Things.  It is blue prints die # 16 and makes tabs and mini pennants I can't wait to play with that-I have been forcing myself to finish a few other projects though before I immerse myself in my new die. I think new things inspire us right?  We come home with our bag of goodies and start creating-I love it!  Welcome Fall, the end of Summer and the beginning of pumpkin everything!