If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I love these little bunnies and have made a bunch in many varieties, paper piecing, and cards of course. I had so much fun embellishing them with chalk and patterned paper, and fun little ribbon accents. Who could resist that face? Whimsical and fun-fun to create and even more fun to make and send. I love vellum envelopes, they really show off your handmade cards with style! I love to receive and send cards-they really brighten your day. I have a close friend who sent me a card that simple stated sometimes it is nice to get something in the mail besides bills and junk mail. That is so true! Hence the name of the blog. Email is nice and facebook and twitter are fast-I like that the communication is so quick. But there is nothing like a nice note popped in the mail waiting on the table when you get home!

Card making fool

It has been a busy week, I am part of a card making group called Inkblots (creative therapy) and this past week I learned a new technique to me called card embroidery. I have done some stitching on things before and this was kind of a combination of several different techniques and I love it! It takes a little time and effort but the finished product is gorgeous! I actually started to look on line for some other patterns-this is the finished card and I love all the design. We have such a talented group of ladies. It is so nice to be in a group that shares their ample talents. Friendship and creativity are great things. It is great to keep sharpening our skills in a paper crafting world that we love. It is cold today and I have cards in various states of done-ness. I am going to go make myself a nice cup of warm cocoa add some pumpkin spice flavor (love it!) and some left over snowmen marshmallows-then I think I will be ready to get them finished and posted! I tend to work in ciaos but that seems to work for me. Every year I work on getting more traditionally organized and this year is no different. I have been going through all my patterned paper and getting it better organized, holiday, color, type, style. Takes some time but wow is it nice-

Thursday, January 21, 2010

All for the love of Hearts

I began making cards with fabric because it was a natural extension of loving fabric-all the patterns and colors that can so beautifully be layered together. Sometimes I will pick out fabric and it will look wonderful together as fat quarters but when I cut the fabric into shapes sometimes it doesn't go together as well as I would hope. It is kind of amazing that way-I love black and white fabric especially stripes and polka dots. So I designed a whole serious of cards with that theme.

This last summer though while fabric shopping with a friend of mine I came across some gorgeous paisley in a teal and green fabric, not normal fabric that I would love but this piece just jumped right out, so of course I had to find a few pieces to go along-I have designed other cards now besides hearts but I always make hearts year round. I like to collect fabrics and have been dabbling in now actually sewing projects and not just card making! It is always fun to design new shapes to do of course I love Snowmen and have also done apples and pumpkins.

Nature is great to recreate in fabric and there is nothing nicer than receiving a handmade card!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Time Flies

Time flies and I think sometimes it is at rocket speed. As someone just reminded me we are half way through January? What how did that happen? I have been having fun making Valentine cards maybe this year I will actually get them all sent! Who doesn't love a card in the mail? I certainly do!

I love my little glitter pen I use it to add just a
little sparkle to everything. I have had so much fun coloring with my
Copic markers and adding just a little touch of glitter-love it love it love it. I want every color of Copic markers-who wouldn't? They are so smooth to use, I love the blending ability and all the fabulous colors. Too much fun. I have so many now that I can actually separate them by color family...
here are a few of the Valentines I have made-
Took a bike ride on my pink cruiser on Saturday-What a beautiful day about 50 degrees, sunshine. Didn't really seem like January. I am so grateful for the beautiful seasons that I get to enjoy each one has its place and purpose.

I have to go make dinner now, it is a 3 cheese penne night. Great recipe I will have to post later!