If you change the way you look at things the things you look at change-Dr. Wayne Dyer

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cake anyone?

I like to cook, I am not saying by any stretch of the imagination that I am some savory chef or anything but I do enjoy trying new recipes and have great satisfaction from making something yummy that makes it into the permanent recipe file.  I am, I guess a little, OK maybe a lot obsessed in the recipe department.  I have them somewhat color coded and filed on 4 x 6 cards, yes, some of them are laminated.  My friends give me grief because I take the time to copy them.  I like to take out my recipes and have them right where I can see them-doing that with a recipe book, not so easy.   I did have an unfortunate cooking experience this past week, but luckily with good friends it didn't scar me forever.  I had everything planned done to the minute.  The chicken had been marinating the potatoes were cut and ready.  I was making a rustic chicken and potatoes, a little olive oil, kosher salt, fresh rosemary, garlic, pepper.  I love this dish it turns out great every time.  SO this dinner is for a friends birthday, so I get the cake out of the oven, turn off the buzzer, turn up the temperature, stick my baking stone filled with chicken and potatoes in the oven and get busy setting the table and getting all the other last minute details done- My friends show up 30 minutes early and we are just chatting as I make the green beans. and cut the strawberries for the pound cake.  The metal bowl and beaters are in the freezer awaiting the whipping cream to go on top.  I go to take the chicken out and am horrified to find them still fairly raw.  What has happened I think to myself and oh *$#^% what am I going to serve my hungry guests really fast?  I check the freezer and have some talapia fish sticks, corn tortillas, and lucky me (really lucky) cabbage and zesty ranch dressing in the fridge.  I whip out some fish tacos and dinner is saved!  Dessert is delicious the company was great and all is well in the crazy world I call life.  What happened you say?  When I turned the buzzer off on the cake I must have hit the oven timer setting-the whole time I thought the oven was cooking away the light was on, but the oven had turned off.  Yes, I could sort of smell the cooking because it was hot when I put the dish originally in.  For my birthday this year my sister gave me a cake recipe book, I love it and after this experience this week I saw this stamp and decided she was too cute not to make into a card and hopefully have happy memories of how good the cake was at least...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Festive Countdown to the Holidays Muffin Tin Advent Calendar

It is that time again, time to get busy making holiday gifts.  Yes, you read that correctly.  If you are anything like me you want to be done by the time the snow starts flying so I start early preparing, planning, creating! I love these calendars.  I have given many as gifts.  They are so easy to make with the right pieces and parts!  They are really fun to make with kids of all ages!  Pre-cut, industrial grade, self adhesive magnet cut into circles is the base, then I added my favorite cardstock, stickers, 3-D embellishments, ribbon and more!  Once I have finished decorating, I took my hand dandy big bite and made two holes about 2 inches apart in the top of my 12 count mini muffin tin.  I threaded red ribbon through the top, filled the holes with miniature gifts, notes, and goodies wrap it up and away it goes!  I got together with some of my young friends and let them make one of their own it was so fun to see the results- Once it is filled and hanging" kids" of all ages will enjoy checking everyday as it counts down the the big day!